Mrs. Lucken picks another fight...

Today Julie, Natalie, Noah and I went on a little shopping jaunt, and came home to find that the car parked in front of Julie's driveway had indeed made it impossible for her to actually enter her driveway and garage. The inhabitants of Julie's car were just not in a position to be entirely flexible in this situation...Julie's recovering from a c-section and sleep deprivation, Natalie is only 21 months old, with a cold, and was falling asleep just before lunchtime, and Noah is just a teeny peanut at 13 days old! So Julie had the car towed so that she could actually use the car and garage which she owns.

Well, I was out gardening in the back yard (Emma burst into laughter when I told her this today, and said, "I just think it is so funny that you garden everywhere that you go...") when I heard the owner of the towed car having a fit out on the street. He was screaming and knocking over trash cans. So I went into the garage and peeked out a mesh covered window on the bottom of the garage door, watching his antics. Unfortunately, one of the neighbors told him which house had towed his car, and why, and so he went running up the front steps and started banging on the iron gate in front of the entry way/front door.

And that was the point that Mrs. Lucken's rational behavior went out the window, and her body went out of the garage to pick a fight.

Yes, I knew from his voice that he was probably not the most well-to-do or educated individual, and when I saw him I figured, yes, this is just like me to pick a fight with a wannabe gangster. But he already knew who had towed his car and I felt strongly that I wanted to let him know that I had no problem calling the police if he didn't leave all of us alone, as well. He was not going to be torturing my sister, waking up the baby and the toddler, and inciting fear in all of us without some sort of something from my end. So I did, and I told him, No, we would not pay to get his car back, and there is a teeny baby in the house and we needed to be able to use the garage, that we didn't want to tow his car but we had no real choice, etc.

At this point, Julie started pleading with me to get in the house (because she was concerned I was going to get shot)... and she told him she had already called the police.

So he left, not without yelling over his shoulder that "Karma is a bitch", and I was wondering, does breast cancer at 34 with 3 young children, and all of the other cancers in our family (maybe they don't count because the people who have those cancers are doing so well?) and anything else hard that has happened to me exempt me from said karma?

and that might be the craziest fight I have picked so far.

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Amy said...

#1- I thought you weren't going to tell Bill about this incident!

#2- By this and your previous telling of the story, you didn't pick this fight!

#3- I think his statement karma is a "bad word" really applies to him. Hey dude, if you park your car illegally in front of a house with a woman recovering from surgery with 2 teeny babies, you are going to have something bad happen to you!

(And the word verification I have to type in looks like chislpisl- CHSL/PSL)