The guilty blogger...and some things I've been considering

Thoughts running through my head today:
  1. I love my garden. Yes, it still doesn't look like it belongs on a garden tour - but it is a garden. Until this year, I felt like I was landscaping (and I'm not good at that - planning and designing), and finally I feel like I am gardening (taking care of the plants) - and that is my real love. This year, I feel like I finally have a good critical mass of plants at this house. There is always something going on in the garden - someone new is blooming, someone new needs to be moved or divided... what a relief, because I was starting to get worried that I didn't like gardening anymore! It turns out, I don't like constantly making new beds, and hauling things, etc....that was just stuff I needed to do to get to this stage which I love. Tending, tending, tending...

  2. I think I am becoming OLD. I remember what it felt like to always be willing to jump in and start something new, help with something, volunteer, want to change the world - and I still feel like that sometimes...but I also have this realization that I can't do everything I want to do, and still stay sane. So I am signing up for less, and having less grandiose ideas...which makes me feel old. But it also gives me less stress! And it really helps me to do the things I am currently signed up to do, which is mother these three children, and drive them all over God's green earth in the pursuit of exercise, intellectual stimulation, and general greatness.

  3. Mrs. Lucken has found a new hobby - and that is asking people for things for our team's big fundraiser - an auction on June 24th (Wednesday) at the Loving Touch in Ferndale. This isn't my favorite hobby, but I am not nearly as bad at it as I thought I would be! I am coupling my excessive love of multitasking with my suburban housewife shopping duties...and before I go to pick up whatever it is I need to buy, I call ahead and ask if they would make a donation. I've gotten a few things donated this way...and as long as I can keep forcing myself to make those calls and speak to people, I might end up quite proud of myself and my new talent in the end. (And to multitask while writing this blog post, let me say here - PLEASE come to our team's FUNdraiser at The Loving Touch on June 24th! $10 cover is a donation to our team, gets you free pool for the night, and $1 off drinks. ALSO, don't you have something you'd like to donate to our silent auction that night? Please? )
  4. How can a person have 3 children who are all so different, and all so wonderful? And why can't all of those 3 children be wonderful at one time? I guess it is good enough that there is at least 1 child who is wonderful at a time, whilst the other 2 are beastly...

Now it is time to make some dinner for the 3 children...and their hardworking father...

**OH, and I should say that I'm blogging this evening because it is sort of drizzly (no gardening) AND I had the kids play hooky from swimming (a little chilly, and Mom wanted to use those extra 2.5 hours today...)!

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