The cutest pet contest

Thanks to our contestants and some wonderful donations from Premier Pets, Pet Supplies Plus Royal Oak, and Pet Supplies Plus Farmington Hills, we had a successful first year of the Cutest Pet Contest. (The proceeds went to help fund my teammates' 3-day walks.)

If it were up to me, it would be an annual event! I loved seeing all of the people, I loved seeing all the pictures of the pets, and I met some great people while doing it. It was especially interesting to overcome my fear of asking for contestants and asking for donations of prizes...

If it were up to Emma, we would never do it again. Apparently all of the interfacing with the public was too much for the more delicate members of my family!

**Note to self: do something about hair. It looks like I am part chicken, with my feathers splaying out of the side of my head! I'm still just so happy to have it, though.


Amy said...

Your hair is fine! How are those shoes working out? Any blisters???

pl said...

Shoes are great! I should buy more pairs...Emma thinks I am "so fashionable" when I wear them!!! BTW, did you know she now wears a size 3, which is a size 5 women's? Bill was just looking for new running shoes for me, and ended up buying a pair for her instead, as the only ones they had were in her size!!!

Amy said...

She never says I am fashionable when I wear mine! Maybe it's the color?

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