Look What I FOUND!

It has become apparent to me that I have THE worst memory, possibly of all people, of all time. I'd like to blame it all on chemo, or maybe I could blame it on something else - like wasting it on all of those paragraphs from 5th grade religion class which we were supposed to memorize for homework (somehow I never realized that I was the only kid always memorizing them, day after day. I just knew it was homework, and so I did it). Using my wildest imagination, I'd say that I live so much in the present that my memory has fallen into disrepair. Whatever the reason, I am terrible at remembering things (which is why I need this blog).

Apparently I realized I needed a blog to help me remember things, years back...but I forgot all about that blog! Luckily I am visiting my sister in San Francisco, taking care of her two luscious children (I'm taking at least one of them home with me when I leave on Saturday, just have to figure out how to do it...), and she has that old blog on her bloglines!

Here it is...should you be interested in reading about the lives of the Luckens in 2006. Apparently I wasn't that interested in recording those lives, as there is only 1 page of posts!

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