100 things

Fashioned after a life list posted by a blogger much, much, much, much more fancy and accomplished than I will ever be..

I am NOT going to be intimidated by my smallness, my lack of special talents, or my lack of imagination... I'm going to plow ahead and make my OWN life list. I believe firmly in learning from others, and don't mind at all taking a great idea and using it for myself! (And I don't expect Intel will foster my life list, either...but luckily I have Bill Lucken for that.)

So here we go:
  1. Have a garden that is so nice, someone will want it to be on a garden walk
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Do a triathalon
  4. Start a garden club...and with it
  5. Host a perennial exchange
  6. Become a rower again
  7. Redesign my front yard garden
  8. Make a butterfly garden
  9. Go hiking in Kauai
  10. Learn how to windsurf
  11. Spend a month living somewhere else with my family
  12. Go back to school for something useless
  13. Go back to school for something useful
  14. Finish my basement, myself
  15. Have a black cat
  16. Volunteer for something I believe in...
  17. Teach myself how to swim...or take swim lessons
  18. Refrain from eating chocolate for one week (so hard!)
  19. For one week, wake up early to exercise (so hard, too!)
  20. Build a pond myself
  21. Find gainful employment
  22. See my children graduate from high school
  23. See my children graduate from college
  24. Help someone buy their first house (or renovate it)

Not very imaginative yet...but I'm going to keep working on it! Can you tell I am recently so excited about home improvement projects, and gardening...and wanting to exercise more? (but the home improvement projects and gardening are taking up all the time. For the past 3 days I have been helping Bill install and clean our *free* hot tub...and making a creek bed with all of the rocks and concrete we have had to move in the process. And I have fallen in love with power washing.

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Tara said...

Funny, I read the Mighty Girl blog, too, and think her life list was a great idea. I think everyone should have one! I like your list - little things, big things, short-term and long-term goals, and all of them fully attainable! (Well, except for the no chocolate one. That is by far the most difficult in my opinion!!)