1. Someone asked me if I was ok (with regard to my breast cancer), only then to tell me that she had a friend who "passed last year", after having caught hers early and having followed all the steps that I took. Obviously, I didn't need to hear that! But I guess that is all I needed to sign up for next year's Susan G. Komen for the Cure 3-day...
  2. Bill is trying to strike up conversations with a preeminent BRCA researcher. From going over his research, it seems that I may just have taken every single step I could to cause my own cancer: Have children before 3o, Gain 10 lbs between 30 and 40 (how crappy is that...), and the kicker: Don't Smoke. Don't ask me to talk about it, just email my husband if you have questions about such things. I so appreciate his research and loving care, because only hearing such things secondhand still makes me upset. What I want to know is this: I can't have more kids, and I lost those 10 lbs...am I good now, or do I have to take up smoking? JOKING, I am.
  3. Sick of cancer world being all around me. But I love the people who are in it with me...life is not always fair, but it can be so good.

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