She's magic

This has got to be the biggest compliment I have ever received in my life...and I'm not writing it down to spread it around - I'm writing this here because my brain is total mush and I forget everything that isn't stapled to it!

At a wonderful family reunion last Saturday (Sybil's siblings and their children and grandchildren) we were all posing for a picture on the steps. Well, while we figured out the tripod/automatic settings on the camera, people were getting antsy and wanting their own shots of this scene so I hopped over the railing (in my sundress, what a lady) and offered to take all of the pictures. After all, I'm not a blood relative, so I could afford to be out of this picture of all of these people sharing the same genome! Plus, I like to be helpful.

Well, while I was collecting all the cameras I overheard someone either wondering how I was going to take all of these pictures or how I was going to get back into the picture when the tripod/camera was ready to go.

From the front row, I hear my daughter Emma's reply: "Oh, she can do it. My mom is magic."

Relative: "Oh? What can she do?"
Emma: "She can do anything!"

and don't tell me how soon her opinion of me is going to change...because she is 9.5! It changes several times a day already! But I still can't believe that she likes me that much.

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JD and Bonnie Kenewell said...

I have the SWEETEST nieces and nephews! My mom used to call it 'Mothers Magic' and you've got it for sure!!