Sneaking in some exercise

Last night came around and I hadn't yet exercised (well, except for the push mowing of 1/2 acre of our grass, but that probably wasn't enough), and it was getting late. Fear of the impending brutal hot flashes led to me deciding to get in some exercise at 10:30pm. However, I was still wishing to get a bit more obsessive housework done, so I find myself:

  1. Leaping around and doing other strange sweat-inducing moods as I fold laundry
  2. Running around with laundry baskets to unload them, and
  3. Finding that I can multitask and watch things on my laptop/check email and facebook as I walk on the treadmill (a little slower than usual, but still, a good use of that computer time!)
So 12:45 comes around, the laundry is folded, and I am getting in some yoga stretches, and then cat-on-the-belly time until I shower and get into bed at 1:30am.

Not much sleep, but NO HOT FLASHES! And I think I would take less sleep over brutal hot flashes any day. Who would have thought sleeper Pam would say that...but I would take more sleep with my normal mild hot flashes any day. That might just not be an option until I reset my body with a little exercise again.

Off to the cottages for the weekend for a little quality time, despite the rainy and cold conditions!

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