What a day!

Let me start out by saying, that any birthday of mine that does not involve me getting chemo is a GREAT day! But today went above and beyond that in terms of greatness, even though my stupid husband is away on a weeklong canoeing trip down the Allagash River in Maine. (I say stupid only because I miss him. I hate missing people! And this is worse than missing, because I can't even reach him. I've still been calling his phone randomly just to see if by chance he found service, but no luck. And each time I say the same thing, "STUPID husband.")

Now that I've gone down that tangent, let's follow it and say that Bill totally deserved this vacation...especially after all of the hell I put him through over the past year (not to mention the past 16.5 years). As I learned last year, sometimes you can't avoid having inconvenient things fall on your date of birth - whether those things are hard things, or super fun things that keep loved ones apart.

Anyway, despite the glaring lack of husband in my birthday's festivities, it was a totally magnificent day. How could it not be, when Emma woke up and said, "Happy Birthday, Mom!" as soon as she woke up? My sister Amy was here so that I didn't have to drag all the kids to the oncologist for my blood draw, or to swim practice for Emma and then Katie...plus she spent time with them while I worked on my extra-special-and-secret home renovation project I'm hoping to complete before Bill comes home. And helped the kids make a cake! And bought me a present to go with my super secret renovation...THEN, she took us all out to dinner (CPK - kid favorite), and THEN, she watched my crazies as I bought some new clothes at Banana Republic (big sale, plus much overdue shopping trip. I think I was last at the mall in December).

To top everything off, look what I got for presents!
And then, look what else! (My favorite gift from the Gibbs family, but they also sent me a beautiful present as well.) Plus all the wonderful calls and wishes from friends...makes me feel like the luckiest person in the whole world. I remember being little and feeling sorry for my Mom...thinking it couldn't be very fun to get old and get cards and things like that from your kids for presents. And calls instead of toys or fancy things. Now I know so much better! Could there be anything better in the whole world than these little tokens of love?


lori b said...

happy birthday!!!!

David said...

Happy belated Birthday, Pam!

You should have heard Bill sing Happy B-day to you on the Allagash River! He scared the moose away for 2 days!

Thanks for letting Bill come on the trip with us.

- David, Larry, Robby & the boys