I know you want to see my crazy patio renovation...

So here are some pictures!!! For the full set, go here.

I am proud of my work...and thankful to my sister for watching my kids while I finished it! Also, I must say that Emma and Katie did a lot of work too...some power sanding, helping me start the power washer (Emma), turning on and off the hose (Katie), loading, unloading, and washing rocks (all three kids), and staining the wood (Emma). They all helped paint the pots and allowed their footprints to be painted for the rug! I'd also like to thank Dagny, for allowing me to use her picture in the set.


Amy said...

It looks totally great! I love how you set up the furniture, and the patio mats fit perfectly

Cristen Eacret said...

Cool! Your new patio looks elegant! But I'm wondering how much it set you back since it's made of wood, an expensive material. And if I am correct, it's not shaded so it is vulnerable to soaking when it rains, and this can cause the wood to rot. I suggest you do regular cleaning and inspection on it. Most importantly, waterproof it. You can also use a water-resistant stain or cover your patio with wood-looking vinyl materials in the future. Doing so, your kids will have something to remind them of your renovation bonding when they're old. Keep us posted!

->Cristen Eacret