46 days until vacation...what?

I was counting the days until our fabulous vacation to Roatan...and then I stopped myself when I realized how ridiculous that was. I'm counting down 46 days until I go on a vacation (albeit exciting, new, warm, and with snorkeling, which is something I adore with all my heart) that will only last for only 7 days? That seems so crazy, wasting 46 days waiting for 7 days.

So I am going to find a way to put more exciting, new, and warm things which I adore with all my heart into more of these regular old days. Wish me luck (it means avoiding snits and fitting things in when I could be wasting all my time cleaning or doing other sometimes painfully mindless things like reading about celebrities or hideous baby names on the internet, which is what I have been doing last night and today)!

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