The daily massaging sessions begin

Oh the things I didn't know about breast reconstructive surgery, which I now know!

Some tidbits:
*the "capsule" or I sometimes hear it called "capsular contracture" starts developing within 72 hours of the implant surgery. So, I need to massage myself (down and out, down and out) 4 times a day to break down the tissue a little bit. Not on the bottom, where you might not mind having the tissue...
*I'll be wearing "scar pads" for the next 3-4 months, for as much of the day as I see fit, but at least 8 hours and up to 23.9 hours (take them off to shower). These are to make the scars flatten and to fade.
*Yes, you still wear bras with good support after surgery, even with your entirely fake breasts, just because muscle weakens and all tissue can then sag.
*I'm still in the good old shove-it-all-in compression or sports bras, 24 hours a day, for another 2 weeks.
*wait at least 6 weeks for nipple reconstruction (I'm waiting until the fall. Why not? Let's ignore the chest for a little while and be done with procedures for a bit.) After that, 8-10 weeks until the "nipples" shrink as much as they are going to shrink for the tattooing. I'm still not convinced that my nice long lines across aren't good enough.

What I want to know is, can I go into Victoria's Secret and just tell them I have exactly 450cc on each side of my chest, and will they then find me the perfect bra? Because I really don't feel like figuring out what size that is, and I'd just like to stick to the medical sizing instead of back to the world of girl sizing.

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missmissy said...

450 cc - pretty size c