Big Thank Yous

I'd like to direct your attention to the left of this page, to my ever-growing list of donors for the 2009 3-day.

On a day like today, when I am being slammed by cancer world again, it is SO HEARTWARMING to see my inbox report another donation! It gives me hope that even if I have to live in this world, maybe we are all doing something to make it a less scary place for others down the line.

So thank you to Kelly, Sylvia, and Jim, who gave me glimmers of hope on this not-so-entirely fabulous day in cancer world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a Pam note, the swelling is going down (looks less like big giant basketballs on my chest), and my port scar area is not shouting at me anymore. My sister is back on the road to Evanston, bless her heart...taking magic baby with her (he cures all misery, at least while he is around and smiling). My kids got into a big mess of Magic Sand with their mom, which was fun...and they will probably be so happy to be getting back to school tomorrow.

Whatever this year holds in store for us, I am glad to be done with my major things so that I can concentrate on others!

And last, maybe a gratefulness note to end with, to keep my eyes to the light - I love my family!

I love listening to Nathan sing the Thomas the Tank Engine song to himself.

I also love it when I am forced to open my eyes to something so obvious, courtesy of my children. This can be either literally (Nathan prying my eyes open, or someone talking and talking until I tune in...) or figuratively (helping me see that worries aren't the only thing in the world...there is laughter, and sandwiches to make, and poop to clean up, etc.). Today we have an example of the literal opening of the eyes. I was all in my own world, researching, calling cancer centers, etc. - totally ignoring Katie who was talking and talking to me. Finally I decide to appease her and tuned in: "Mom, know why I have this bandaid on my face?". So I looked at her absentmindedly, just to make her stop talking, and see that she has the biggest SpongeBob bandaid ever right in the middle of her face - just as an attention getter, of course...such a silly little peanut that Katie.)

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