Surgery tomorrow....

Check in at the hospital: 6:15am. My port and expanders will be checking out of my body starting around 7:30am, I expect. Then I will have some implants checking in...my new pals for the next 15-20 years or so.

Amy and Matthew are here...that baby just lights up my whole world with his smiles.

I do have to say that I was never worried about the surgery, even if I did go apoplectic about preparing everything for it and for my recovery. This should be the easiest of all of them - no drains, plus I know the whole drill so well by now. I will stay overnight for IV antibiotics, because there is always an infection risk.

Anyway, tomorrow should be just fine. No worries for me! nmkmhjnkl
\ tg fG (And Matthew agrees with me, apparently.)

I'm sure I might update from my favorite computer in the middle of the night tomorrow. I'll miss those late night post-surgery rambles around the unit (well, maybe not)!

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