So impressionable

I'm trying to write a few things for Trusera, and poor Nathan is watching TV. Or should I say, poor me? Because anytime a commercial comes on, he says, "I want that". It doesn't matter if it is a toy, or the Big City Slider Station, advertised by Billy Mays for 19.99. Apparently he wants our family to be able to "triple stack 'em, and watch your family attack 'em". Did you know that "You can also cook 'em on a bed of onions for that classic slider taste."? Apparently this is a selling point that is so powerful, it can convince 3-year olds that they need the Big City Slider Station.

He also wants Clorox Regular Bleach, which is "useful in so many ways".

And now, again. "I want that." What this time? Charmin Ultra Strong. I even asked him: "Did you just say, you want Charmin Ultra Strong?" and he confirmed, "Yeah". He's not even potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the power of advertising! I've got to write faster so that I can turn off the tv.


Anonymous said...

Obviously 3 year olds are like husbands because whatever the Sham-Wow guy is selling my husband wants it :o)

Jen Gagan

Anonymous said...

Scott wants one too... no wonder their friends! I don't remember Evelyn doing that but Scott wants EVERYTHING he sees, especially if it's sold by Billy Mays.


pl said...

You know Billy Mayas is always SCREAMING whatever he is selling