Oh vacation, how are you over so soon?

Dearest Holiday Vacation,
Let me express my deep affection for you. Though you rolled into our lives with waves of vomit, laundry, and panic attacks about holiday preparations, the sea you left behind is so tranquil and calm. This past week has been so fun, with shopping excursions, fun with family and friends, ice skating galore, New Year's Resolutions...I am left feeling sorry I wasn't more eagerly anticipating you, Holiday Vacation!
Thanks for the memories*...We're looking forward to meeting up with you again next year!
Pam Lucken

*because we are left with just a normal weekend ahead of us...back to homework, school prep, the grind!


pl said...

I like that note Espesholey the * i now know what it means*
*A book I read taght me

Aunt Amy said...

But ECL- are YOU upset that vacation is ending???