2 Infusions down, 4 to go!

I should be saying that after this upcoming weekend of fun and games, but it does sound better to have only 4 to go. Of course, then I met a young mom who was doing her first chemo treatment yesterday, and she is only getting 2 drugs at a time, and only 4 treatments. I have chemo envy. I know there is a good reason for me to get TAC, all at the same time, 3 weeks apart, and 6 treatments, but I don't live my life thinking about the fact that I had breast cancer, and so I often forget all of the important details!

I was also eavesdropping during my infusion time yesterday (one of my hidden talents, though not a laudable one) and I overheard a few details about chemo side effects that I don't think I was told during my last treatment. I for some reason remember getting a lot of paperwork but not a lot of verbal information (as they were giving this new patient), but I could have already been totally spacey from the medications and just not listening. Anyway, the fitful sleep and red face were probably side effects of the Decadron...so maybe I didn't get a sunburn last time and I don't need to worry about the insomnia and bad dreams as much because I am only on this Decadron (for nausea) for today and tomorrow. Also the bursts of energy and great ideas (I had about 3 good ideas for a post in the early morning today, but now I'm tired and all you get is this boring one!) can be attributed to Decadron.

I do hope I did not scare away the new patient yesterday...as I went over an introduced myself after I was done with my infusion. I have a tendency to be overenthusiastic, that way. Luckily I was already spacey and I didn't push my phone number and email address at her, or offer to be her friend for life (as I usually would in my attempts to be helpful). I did tell her to save me a seat for next time, though! I do think we are meant to be friends, though. She was all prepared in the same way I was. She cut her hair short, then shorter, they way I did. She came with her own blanket, too...hers was pink which fits in with my pink-for-chemo-day theme. I like to identify myself - like "Here I am! Give me breast cancer drugs! You can talk to me about breast cancer if you want, because I am wearing it all over myself." Hopefully we'll like each other as we'll see each other for 3 more infusions together. Maybe I can help her in some way.

I have done a lot of thinking that there will be plenty of other women coming down this path, and I've been wondering what I can do to help them. I'm not ready at all to do much more than raise money through the 3-Day, because most of the time I would rather think of other things than breast cancer. I'm not at all interested in support groups, but in a one-on-one session, I'd do anything to help make this easier for someone. So if anyone knows of anyone who needs some support (in any of the years after this), mine can be the first email address you give out!

Now it is time to go get my Neulasta/pelvis hurting shot!

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