She wants it all (She wants it all)

So funny it is, that since I've been feeling good, I think I should be able to do everything (and maybe more than everything) that I usually do, and not get tired at all. I was telling Bill that I was so tired this morning, that the rest of the family has to PICK UP THEIR STUFF AND HELP AROUND THE HOUSE! because I am tired! (And don't you know, I'm going through chemo - is what I did not say but of course it is understood.)

Then I reflected a bit, and thought back to the activities of the past few days. I guess I should not blame my tiredness on chemo when I walked 9 miles on Wednesday (how often is that EVER a daily activity?), and have been tearing apart the yard, and hauling yards of dirt to my garden in between driving my kids all over the area for various activities. I've been doing so much that I squeezed in a dirt run when I only had 30 minutes in which to do it - isn't that something you plan and give time to do instead of throwing the kids and the buckets and the shovels in the car and hoping you get it done before you have to pick up your eldest from school? Sorry Emma, that I'm late, I was getting dirt... (just kidding, I was NOT late, because I was moving so quickly during this efficient dirt run, and I've learned to time myself better. I'm embarrassed to say it wouldn't be the first time, though. Once last year I was late picking up my poor first grader because I was so immersed in picking dandelions!)

I then called Bill, and admitted to him that I had done all of these things lately (because I am doing them all when he is not paying attention, so he won't tell me I'm doing too much). I figured I should confess so that he didn't go to work feeling sorry for his poor tired chemo wife, or feeling badly that he should be coming home and cleaning the whole house for me, when really I've been doing extracurricular vigorous activities and just blaming my tiredness on the chemo!

So then he said to me, "But you want it all, BG (BG is a nickname)" and then burst into a soft-rock song I remember from the late 70's or early 80's - "Key Largo", and of course changed the lyrics to make it applicable.

So now I will be singing a Bertie Higgins song in my head all day, and laughing just thinking of Bill trying to hit the high notes. Oh, that and I need to look into preparing some raw vegetables or protein shakes, or whatever is best to fuel me for this crazy lifestyle... maybe I should skip the Cookie Crisp, followed by a handful of chocolate chips (desperate for chocolate?) as a nighttime snack?

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