Bye-bye hair!

Well, I started being able to pull out my hair in the shower tonight (not really pull, it would come right out). I told Bill, the girls heard, and wanted to try for themselves so we had a little hair-pulling fun tonight. Then I put on my wig and the girls and I did origami (sedentary activity to try, idea courtesy of my adorable sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Jeff and Bonnie, and materials courtesy of Jane and Laurie!). Finally, we finished off the evening with a good head shave and NOW I look like a cancer girl. (And Nathan asked "Why, Mom?" - apparently this is a different enough look for him to ask the question!)

I'm glad I took time to get used to the idea, get used to my hats before I really needed them, and now I am glad I have a wig, after all! After seeing me now, I am sure it will get use.

Which brings up another idea I've had in my head for a few weeks - how thankful I am that we've been able to afford some of these extras we've bought since the cancer diagnosis, and that I have good health care. (My surgery alone was around $35,000.) I read about an organization that helps cancer patients who go into real financial trouble as a result of their treatment, and I think I'm going to look up that organization again and figure out what I can do to help.

Lastly, I think what I've told Emma has sunk in...she just kept telling me, "This means the medicine is working, Mom!" And the girls kept telling me I look beautiful (and you know that they must be trying to be extra nice because they've already told me otherwise!). All in all, it seems to have gone pretty smoothly with the girls, which is the best news. Now that the hair is gone, the only other thing for the next few months is a few bad days here and there, I would guess.


AMK said...

I covered up your hair on the slideshow picture so I could imagine what you looked like bald... I still can't picture it.

I am so glad that Emma was able to get used to the idea as well. What an awesome girl.

Kendra said...

Hi! again! I heard you read of an organization that helps with those who need hepl finacially...I guess I fit into that catagory...can you drop me a note as to what it is and maybe it could benefit me somehow...thanks Pam.