Bald head - surprise!

Sometimes I am positive that I have ESP, or whatever it is that means you can predict the future. (Increasingly, I am having problems finding the right word for things - yesterday I was on the phone with a really nice person, who I hope I will become a friend, and I think I used 3 different names for her daughter in the course of the conversation! I don't want to blame this on "chemo brain", but I have to say that I don't think I would have ever been so stupid before, and I am a bit mortified!)

Anyway, I was cleaning the house and having a fine time doing it (as I was aided by my iPod), and thinking to myself that I believe I have come a long way with my thoughts on my appearance. Other cancer survivors have told me this, and I absolutely did not believe them at the time, but it is a bit freeing to find oneself so changed and yet to realize it is the same person. I'm still here and still me with only one fake boob and no hair! So then my thoughts progressed and I thought that I might actually feel comfortable if more people saw me bald (I still think it will make them uncomfortable, though).

So here is where the ESP came in...my dear friend Patty dropped by with some flowers today and saw my bald head! So how funny is it that I had just had the premonition that I would be fine with it, maybe an hour before? I guess it is either ESP or I can thank God for giving me little hints just before I need them. (But why would God be telling me what song is coming next on the radio, it seems a little silly to waste his messages on that, that is why I think I have ESP.)

Poor Patty may have left quite shaken with the vision of skinhead Pam - I also had on my gardening boots, and was thus quite attractive! But I thank her for the flowers, which are beautiful. (And I did go put some sunscreen on my scalp!)

Oh, and thank you Sherri, for the perennials! I already planted them, and then since I had enough and Patty was coming back from Lowe's where she was buying more perennials, I passed the few I had left on to her. So you have helped 2 people in their gardening endeavors today!

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Patty Marshall said...

Hey there - not shaken at all, in fact very intriguing! I tell you, not having hair totally brings out your eyes and smile! I keep thinking about a previous episode of America's Next Top Model where they all had to do a photo shoot with caps on that made them look bald - too funny! I also keep thinking that soon you will have a head of brand new hair!!! Glad you put sunscreen on too!!!