Another funny baldness moment

Yesterday I was "swim mom" at Emma's school, a task which I heartily enjoyed as I love to boss around little girls. Just kidding. Actually, I love hanging around with little kids in groups, especially if they don't all share my DNA, because if they share my DNA, they seem to expect me to perform magic tricks and clean up for them all the time. If I perform magic tricks (metaphor) and clean up after OTHER people's kids, then they just love me and think I'm so nice. Anyway, the swim mom's job is to tell the 3rd and 4th grade girls to not take too long in the shower and to not run around in the dressing room (boss them around, I do love it).

Emma knew I was coming and told one of the girls in her class that I was the swim mom that day. Her friend said, "Well, what does she look like? What color is her hair?"

And Emma said, "Well, she doesn't really have any hair right now, so she should be pretty easy to pick out."

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