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If only chocolate chips could prevent cancer recurrence...I would be so all set! I have a chocolate chip eating problem. I can give up all sorts of things but the chocolate chips are just not budging from my diet (yet). I will continue to wage this battle, though.

Why is it that I finally get my minivan back, and then promptly use it as a method of destruction? Today I backed into a the bumper of a lovely pregnant woman's BRAND NEW Volvo Cross Country. Scratch! I can't tell you how stupid and horrible I felt. I was at the vet office, and that parking lot drives me crazy...all these pets and people coming in and out and I was all distracted and used to driving my Volvo Cross Country (which must be smaller) because there I went and ruined the car she just picked up from the dealer. She was so sad. I gave her all my information and then promptly went to the store where I bought her some flowers and a card in which I wrote "It wasn't so long ago that I was driving my new Volvo, with room for my baby-on-the-way and the dog-in-the-back" and "I'm so sorry I damaged your beautiful new car" and "Please, don't hesitate to contact me for the repair of the scratch, it's the least I can do and the least of our worries as a family right now." She called me and told me not to worry, it's just a car, but still. What a giant idiot.

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natalie_r_g said...

I am so sorry that happened! You are very nice to do so much for her though. Many people would not be so kind.