I am a special interest piece

In other news, I've had a call or two from a reporter from the Detroit Free Press who wanted to interview me about the way I have blogged myself through surgeries and treatments - a special interest piece in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's a little humbling when she and the photographer asked me "What is your profession?" or "What do you do during the day?" Or "when do you blog?" UMMMM....I have no profession, and what I do during most days is so mind-numbingly boring it would put you to sleep! Oh, and I'm not even a dedicated blogger - I just blog when I feel like it. How is that for interesting?

Well, let's see...what do I do? I wake up a kid, feed her, pack her, send her (complaining) out the door to the bus, wave to the bus when it drives by, wake up another kid, feed her, pack her, write her a love note, take her (not complaining) to her bus, take the other kid home, play baseball, clean the kitchen, clean up toys, clean up pet poo, drop something off at someone's school (invariably something has been forgotten or I have myself signed up to do something at a school), go shopping for groceries, feed kid, clean the kitchen again, fold laundry, check my email, read books to 3 year old, change a diaper, play more baseball (I sneak in some weeding in between pitches), get ready to pick up kids, pick up one kid, drive to second school, pick up second kid, feed snacks in car on way to soccer practice, let two other kids play at playstructure, come home, make dinner, supervise homework, fold laundry, exercise, go to bed.

So basically I do nothing. What is there to photograph here? How is this even a special interest story? It's not. I just have some lovely and wonderful supporter out there who liked what I wrote and passed on my information.

I've decided to not be intimidated, though, by my uninteresting life, or the fact that they have to take a photograph of it, too. If this actually becomes an article and one extra person reads my blog and isn't so afraid of breast cancer, then that is worth it to me.


Anonymous said...

The point that you do all of this is a profession in and of itself. As you know, I am always thankful for my stay at home mom friends.



Anonymous said...

If you think what you do is boring, let me tell you that my most interesting day at work is 50x more boring than your day!

Work is easier than your life, no doubt, but don't think for a second that your contribution is any less valuable

Anonymous said...

No profession? Seriously...cook, health care provider, housekeeper, chauffeur, personal trainer, tutor, blogger, gardener, counselor, party planner, and on and on and on...


Undomestic said...

I get what you say about boring...I feel the same way about my SAHM experience...well not so much anymore. But think about how IMPORTANT your job is! And that's the interest in the story I do believe.

Anonymous said...

you are a very special interest piece. everything about you is special. dont ever forget that! xo

lori b