Where have I been?

Worried about a pain in my ribs. As far as I can tell, it could be one of the following things:

  1. A broken rib healing. I fell onto the metal edge of a barrel (I think my rib hit this) filled with wrapping paper rolls (breast hit this) in early January. I found my breast cancer when feeling around to see how my breast was healing. But why would my rib be healing now? Chemo probably delays healing, but what about January-April when I started chemo, wouldn't it have healed by this time? Bone scan says it could be a healing rib, but "cannot rule out metastatic breast cancer. Further radiographic imaging recommended." But my bone scans will always say this, because I am a breast cancer survivor...my oncologist says it is probably the broken rib healing.
  2. Could I have re-injured my rib by wrestling with children or rowing? Maybe...
  3. Am I getting feeling back in that area after my mastectomy and just noticing the pain now?
  4. Is this bone pain associated with the bone drug I'm taking as part of the clinical trial?
  5. Is it something else?
But of course, I'm worried about metastatic breast cancer, and I don't think I should get on my rowing machine to get out my anxiety, so I am just anxious. Oh, and busy trying to get the kids situated during this first week (2 of them start at new schools this year).

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Anonymous said...

how weird. i havent spoken to you in a while...but i think i have a broken rib healing too! it hurts. a lot. ugh. i hope its doing/feeling better.
lori b