I love my iPhone...

and I did not think I would enjoy my iPhone nearly as much as I do. Bill bought it for me for my birthday when I had been asking for a wood splitter, so it didn't fall into the hands of a person who is usually infatuated with new technologies. It is wonderful though...a highly appreciated gift (except I think I have injured my thumb from texting/emailing/checking weather/facebook/playing suduko/taking photos/flipping through itunes overuse)!

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Virginia from NH said...

Got your blog from a friend of a friend. Am a 45 year old Mom and 2 year breast cancer survivor - was told that I might send you some insight or inspiration...You sound like YOU can be giving the insight & inspiration, girlfriend! You've got it all going on - your attitude about baldness, chemo etc. is spot on - YOU GO, GIRL! Survivor Sisterhood - Rock on! :o)
(They tried to get rid of us, but we are still here!!) ;-)