Sunday's Free Press

Hello to all my darling readers/friends out there...
Patty called me and told me I will be in this Sunday's Free Press, in the Life section. I'm a little nervous because of the way I tend to blather on about things and I probably did that in our interviews! Who knows what I might have said! But Patty was a nice person to speak with on the phone, and the photographer was also a wonderful person to spend an hour or two with yesterday.

Also who knows what the photo might be - I might be with someone in my menagerie (advertising "crazy pet lady" to the world), playing baseball with my darling boy (advertising that I have the worst baseball form in the world, though I'm sure it will improve with all of our practice every day as he is obsessed), or bald (advertising baldness, ha ha!).

BUT, I will be walking in the 3-day and won't be picking up a paper/too busy to worry about it!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT wait for the glory of the 3-day - 3 days of kindness and good will - wrapped up in a sea of pink!


Kathy Westerlund said...


Don't you worry girl in pink, we'll be stopping along Sunday's route to pick up a Detroit News to see your smiling face.

See you bright and early tomorrow morning,


Anonymous said...

i never read the newspaper,(too depressing!) but you bet your ass i will be on sunday! how amazing and exciting. good luck on the 3 day. i am amazed by your determination and i hope you the most incredible experience. i never want to do it...but i cant wait to hear about it! :)

lori b

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the three-day! We in SF are very proud of you!

I loved the picture of Nan in the paper too. Only fitting as you both have battled breast cancer this year. She can raise awareness of the importance of breast self-exams among the feline population (Reese has already started over here).

Art said...


Walking with you at the 3Day really energized me! I'm very happy that you and my daughter could meet!You two are very much alike.

All the best,

Capn' Grampa,
"Leggin' It For Lara"

Art said...


Walking with you at the 3Day really energized me and I was very glad that you and my daughter got to meet! What a fantastic weekend!

Bold Beats Balb,

Capn' Grampa
Leggin' It For Lara"