Oh, the felinity!

Today marks 14 years of life with my wonderful calico, Madeline (Maddie/Pretty Girl). I remember wishing for years that she would curl up into my lap, but that was really not her way. She's gotten used to me over all these years though, and it was quite a nice anniversary present she gave me this evening when she was quite insistently cozy-ing up with me.

Pretty Girl, I know you are just a cat, but I'm crazy about you. Thanks for the years of quietly monitoring the situation (honestly, you were there for every middle-of-the-night feeding of all three babies, much better than having been a lap cat from the get-go). Remember, I asked for 21 years out of you, so we have lots more to go!

And to Bill, thanks for being the guy to help a 21 year old girl adopt her first cat. Oh, yeah, and for all the other things that 14 years of cat ownership has entailed!

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