A fun party

Saturday began with some very wet soccer games (Bill took Emma to hers, I took Katie and Nathan to Katie's game)...followed by another porch surprise from kind and thoughtful Laura. There's nothing like a bunch of pink balloons, a bagful of pink candy, some pink mums and pink cut flowers to get a girl and her family ready to host a party for my 3-day team - despite the downpour!

Bill and Sybil quickly cleaned our gigantic garages to provide some extra room for the party (Bill even brought out a TV in the garage to watch the Michigan game, David and Sybil had a friend who donated use of his tables and chairs), I came home from Costco and Party City with food and some pink tablecloths. Guests started arriving, laden with dishes to share and children in tow. It was all quite nice and fun...and then the power went out!

Apparently the torrential downpour was too much on a tree in a neighborhood near ours...the tree fell on a power line and the power line ended up in the Rouge River! Luckily we had the use of a generator (Michigan game stayed on for the party) and plenty of candles and daylight left...and such great friends/families that our party didn't suffer too much.

I can't wait for the walk in 2 weeks with these wonderful people!

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