First day update

Don't get too excited about the lymph nodes yet...they looked ok in surgery but that only means they didn't see anything that would mean they should take out more nodes while I was still on the table. They send everything (the tumor, the nodes, etc) to pathology from the surgery where they slice up those nodes into many, many pieces and THEN they will know if they were affected or not. I should get those results in about 7 business days...and then I will know what stage cancer I had, etc.
I am praying very, very hard that those nodes will be clear, because if they were not clear and had cancer in them (the cancer could still be very small and so not easy to see in the preliminary look during surgery, or the cancer could be in a part of the node they weren't looking at in the preliminary look) I would have to have another surgery to have more nodes removed, and I would have to have radiation. So it is not really time for celebration yet!
My first day at home has been nice. I'm not minding having people picking up my children from school and making me meals and sending flowers, that's for sure! I even got my very first American Girl doll from Bill's cousin Whitney, who is the biggest and best collector of those dolls I've ever met. Sybil and Joann have been keeping house, and it has never looked nicer, and Bill has been running out to the stores (and I'm not yelling at him when he comes home 2 hours later with strange purchases, as I might have done before diagnosis). I watched Dancing with the Stars (first time ever) and took a nap!
My plastic surgeon says no showers until the drains come out, my breast surgeon says don't do very much with my arms at all (even typing) or stuff will keep draining. So I am taking it easy with my arms, for the love of showers! I have my first follow-up with the plastic surgeon on Monday. Otherwise, I am feeling good. I have to say that this doesn't feel worse than recovering from c-sections, and though the immediate pain when I woke up from surgery was crazy, it wasn't any worse than some of those labor moments with Katie. The nurse told me some of the nausea would lessen if I went to sleep, so I simply kicked all of my supporters out of my room the minute I got into it, went to bed, and woke up feeling better. So it doesn't look like I have any chart-topping experiences here! I find that I am just gooky on top, whereas after childbirth I was gooky on the bottom. I don't have any stitches, either...they cut everything off and put me back together with tissue adhesive! The expanders have a really weird shape and I look a little like something from Star Trek:the Next Generation on my chest, but I'll just wear baggy shirts for a while.
Lastly, my friend Laurie has signed up for the 3-day walk! I'm putting her site on my link...if you haven't donated and were hoping to do so, please send money to Laurie!


Amy said...

Pam- Glad to see that you are feeling well enough to be up and around the house. I hope things continue on this path! Love, amk

Tom said...

Pam: it has been amazing to read about your strength, which has been inspiring to me and probably many others. We continue to pray that the Lord will impart His grace to you and your family and continue to give you the strength to get through this battle.

Shannon said...

What a wonder woman...fresh from surgery and thinking about the three day already, I see captain in your future! Glad to hear it is slightly better than a c-section, although I am sure you are wishing for the thumb clicker of morphine. We are keeping all limbs crossed and prayers non stop for good nodes (never thought you'd pray for good nodes did ya?). Hang in there and know you are so loved....

DFilar said...

I just heard of your diagnosis and your ordeal. We will be praying for you and your recovery. I think attitude is so important in this type of sitation. I think your smiling face and great attitude will help you get through this ordeal. We will be thinking of you and we look forward to seeing you again. All our best.
Donna Filar

Kathy Westerlund said...

It was great to see you today. You are doing FANTASTIC, and I am awed by your strength.

Here's a little scripture reading that might help you out over the next few weeks/months. It helped us get through a very difficult time a few years when our close friends' son was diagnosed with leukemia.

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I know that He has big plans for you.


Anonymous said...

Pam, I've always known you were an amazing person, from the first day I met you, I saw this wonderful light around you and know you were special. Now, after reading about your courageous journey I'm sure the light around you is twice as bright - if that is even possible. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Bill and your family. With much love, Eva