Look at my new fun links!

Here are my latest fun additions over there at the right:
  1. Nancy's Naughty Nockers blog - it has a supremely fancy calendar to keep track of our 3-day team's upcoming fundraisers
  2. Animalrescuesite.com - of course you have seen it before (along with the breastcancersite.com, hungersite.com, etc) - but how easy is it now to go and click on these sites if you are already looking at mine? SO easy, because I was enjoying doing that today!
  3. Freerice.com - more fun than a person can stand - vocabulary practice and if you get the answers right then you donate grains of rice. Maybe not everyone will be as excited about this as me, though...In college I made up vocabulary practice tutorials for my friends and boyfriends and made them take the test - was it very useful for the now college math professor, parasitologist, and the two engineers who attended the tutorial? Probably not, they were just being nice to English major.
If anyone has any other good sites for me to visit everyday, send them!

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natalie_r_g said...

Oh no! I am hereby addicted to Freerice.com!