One drain is out and I'm having a party!

I will go back in two days, maybe the other one will come out then...but this one hurts quite a bit less so I don't mind. I don't know if it was the stitch that kept it in that hurt, or the fact that there is more sensation in that side, but the left side hurt much more. The right side is the cancer side, so I'm sure there will keep being fluid draining out of it. I've gotten so good at bathing and dressing around these things, it's not a big deal.

It was yucky to get it pulled out, because there was about 6 inches of drain tube inside my body and I could feel it moving through, but it was over in just seconds.

They also took off the bandages covering the scars, so I can see the incision lines, etc. but it is also so not a big deal. I don't mind the look at all...it is still me! All the people who had double mastectomies and said it wouldn't be terrible, it would be fine WERE SO RIGHT.

So now I cannot stop smiling at the new level of comfort! SO exciting.

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