The 3-day walk

We are already at $4286.00! Thank you to everyone who has donated...it has meant so much to Bill and I to have your support. It is like opening up a present each time we receive a notification of a donation, and I am sure the support will help sustain us through the tough times ahead.
I would like to mention that there are some other very important people who are walking...I want to express that I would be grateful if money went to my teammates also.
So here are some people who are walking:
  • My mother-in-law, Sybil. I feel especially guilty about her since she gave such a big donation to me to get me started.
  • Bill's aunt Joann, a breast cancer survivor herself. She is also a nurse with lots of experience in hospital administration and she is flying in specifically to be here for my surgery (to monitor my care and be another advocate).
  • My friend and fellow mom of a second grader/brownie/soccer player, Wendy Christie, who is walking for the first time this year in memory of her cousin Carol.
  • Another fellow mom of an s/b/s, Kathy Westerlund, who was our team leader last year, and was nice enough to let me join the team.
  • Every other member of Nancy's Naughty Nockers is special, of course, too...Nancy has been helping me so much since the diagnosis, but I am so looking forward to walking with Becky, Cindy and Sarah, Ann and Shannon again...as well as meeting the new team members.
  • I have heard that there may be other people signing up, also...so if you are a rowing friend, or a high school friend, a Beverly friend, or a family member, you might have other people whose walks you could support soon! I will update here when/if other people sign up.

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