Not really such a bad patient after all...

So I spoke with the nurse at the plastic surgeon's office today, and she said the amount of drainage flowing out of one side of my body, so luxuriously, is very, incredibly normal. She said it would be normal for it to flow a bit more heartily because that side is now helping the other drain-less side to drain. How kind of it! How relieved I am. It is so like me to assume I am doing everything wrong and to try to overachieve the healing process.
A wonderful side affect of my overachievement is a totally wonderful happening - my children are off to the Detroit Science Center with BOTH grandmas, and their cute cousin, Shane. Of course, at the last minute I desperately wanted to go, too, because of all of them I would be the most fascinated at the display of Shipwrecks. I used to think the Gordon Lightfoot song about the Edmund Fitzgerald was most beautiful and tragic. Such a nerdy little girl! But I convinced myself that I would be ruining a most interesting and fun memory in my childrens' lives ("Remember the time BOTH GRANDMAS took us to the Science Museum?") and so I stayed home. Plus, I feel this is showing such an improvement in my neurosis about children leaving me - the children are even driving in TWO SEPARATE CARS!
Bill dressed Nathan this morning (as he has been doing). I wondered why he was putting a giant oversized Pistons jersey on my little 2.5 year old boy, especially as said 2.5 year old boy was yelling at him to stop. My husband replied, "He's going downtown; he needs some street cred." Oh, does he? It was cute to see how happy he was to have his little boy all boy-ed out like that though. Here's a picture:

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Mr. Levitt said...

Nathan is adorable. Tremendous street cred for sure.