She has clean lymph nodes!!

Dr. Dekhne called me this morning and told me she had good news - all 3 sentinel lymph nodes were clean (I wish I had the presence of mind at the moment to remember the exact words, because she said it in such a great way - like absolutely, or something)! The tumor was 1.7 cm, and she told me the pathology report says that it was quite close to the chest wall, but that I shouldn't worry at all about that. There is a fascia that separates the breast tissue from the chest wall (thank you fascia) and as long as the surgeon takes that out, there is not a worry that the cancer could have touched the chest wall.

This would mean that my cancer was a Stage 1 (Doctor didn't say that, but less than 2cm and not affecting the lymph nodes means Stage 1). No more lymph nodes need to come out and no radiation! Now I just have chemotherapy to make sure to destroy any microscopic little renegade cancer cell that might have gone somewhere else, but how great for that insurance, in my opinion!

I feel certain that all of the prayers made a difference - and I had lots of prayers coming my way! THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR ME!

My shoulder is wet because Bill was just crying on it - with happiness, for once! (He is the sweetest husband ever.)


Anonymous said...

Now it is time to party! This is absolutely wonderful news!! Of course, we will continue to pray for you though. Just so you know, you've had an entire congregation of Mennonites praying for you here in Kansas for the past couple of weeks. Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you,! God

Mr. Levitt said...

Pam and Bill,

We are so happy with that news. We have tried to call you to let you know we were thinking of you.
Please take care and know if you need anything, please do not hesitate to call us.

The Levitt's

Bill, did you mull over that idea from a few weeks ago?

Tom said...

Praise God! That's great news, Pam!

Sybil & David said...

Pam, Bill, Emma, Katie & Nathan

What wonderful news for all of you. My prayers and positive thoughts have been with you and for you since this horrible nightmare began. The healing can begin just as the Spring begins. Thank God. We love you all.

David & Sybil

Julie, Keith and Ben said...