A note about narcissism and blogging

I know one criticism of blogs is that they seem narcissistic - like the writers enjoy exposing their thoughts, feelings and lives and getting attention.
I do want to say that my main purpose in writing this blog is to get my feelings out - I'm horrible at expressing my feelings verbally (can barely talk, never say appropriate things from my mouth, I'm always nervous in person). I can only really process things if I am writing them down, and I like the blog format because I can write, push the little publish button, and never have to read what I write again. I hate the way I write, it is never good enough for me (maybe this is why writing the honors thesis nearly undid me), and when I read what I wrote it makes me embarrassed at how dumb I sound so I can never keep journals.
I do figure that since 1) I am so bad at speaking in person, 2) it might be so hard to tell people over and over again what is going on and 3) I am horrible at calling people back and keeping in touch, opening up this blog to whomever is interested is a good idea.
I just don't want readers to think that I am a horrible attention-grabber when I write things about myself, but I also don't want to censor my thoughts here since this might be the only way I am able to get all the way down into the crevices of my mind.


Anonymous said...

Please, please ,please, don't stop bloging. Your words are inspiring and bring thoughtfulness to us all about our lives , our children and our challenges. You are helping yourself process but are also helping your readers learn so much. Love and light, next few days turn your thoughts to all the beautiful things in your life and in the world to look forward to.

Amy said...

PC, my dear friend and 7 seat extraordinaire, from so very far away in Tanzania this little window to your journey allows me to be your witness. It is my light and comfort. You once said that to give everything simply isn't possible or healthy, but to give all you can is good. I bear witness to your journey - and from this far away its going to be all I can give for now - so please do let me continue to do so without abandon. From Tanzania with love, Amy

pl said...

Don't worry, I wasn't going to stop writing...I just wanted to say that I need to say things, and they might sound self-absorbed or stupid. I guess that's the nature of the beast.