Other fun sedentary things to do in 2008

Animal watching!

I don't advertise (or try not to) how many pets currently live in our home; let's just say my pets alone would provide me with quite a few different animal watching opportunities. But, living where we do, we see many other animals as well. It could become a full-time hobby:

This blue jay was taking food from the feeder, flying up to his mate, and feeding her.

This couple prefers to dine together at the feeder.

Look at the mongrel I found in my yard!

WHO is this?

I'm cheating with the last two pictures, though. We saw the Eastern Screech Owl in our tree on a night in January, not today. And everyone knows that mongrel sniffing out the squirrels is my beloved pooch Dagny, so that animal watching doesn't count.

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