Lucken Children Status Report

It is possible that my children are going to wish that mommy had a bilateral mastectomy every week (sorry kids, I don't have any more to lose)! They have been having such a nice time - starting with Emma's class making a get well soon card, playdates after school, manicures with Aunt Angela, seeing their grandparents just about every day, eating delicious meals, Daddy is home all week, presents come in the mail, Katie's teacher calls to check in on us... Once I got home from the hospital it really seems like it has been smooth sailing for Emma, Katie and Nathan, and I have so many people to thank for it! I will be writing the most heartfelt thank you notes as soon as I get my drains out, and I won't stop writing for some time, it seems. We are so unbelievably lucky to be part of such a generous and loving community of people.
Nathan even knows the drill for emptying my drains and makes motions for me to do the next step - he lifts the toilet seat for me to empty the contents in. If that isn't just the best example of how not private (and how gross) I am, I don't know what is...and it's also a good example of how the child is totally content and happy as long as he feels like he is included in what is going on. Such a weird family. If we wrote a book, it wouldn't be Mommy Had a Mastectomy. It would be Mommy Had a Mastectomy and I Help her Empty her Drains - Yay!

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Amy said...

I think it shows how important it is to make sure that they are part of the process of healing. Even though Cubbie won't remember it, the girls will remeber being able to help with things. And it is important to make children part of the recovery process, much healthier than hiding everything behind closed doors, and having them wonder what the secret is. take it from the nurse.