A busy weekend...

We totally took advantage of the fall weather and the fact that I' m pretty well recovered from surgery by doing some fun things together as a family this weekend. In between soccer games on Saturday we visited our new favorite place, the E.L. Johnson Nature Center. It has been so highly recommended to me, and I am now crazy about it. (Tame deer, clear water, nature paths, so close by...wow.)

On Sunday after soccer game/church, we visited Westview Orchards. We definitely had our fill of apple products, and we almost spent enough time with farm animals to satisfy my needs. Almost. I really need to get my own farm!

The outside/farm time spurred some leaf raking activity at the Lucken household... I am crazy about fall chores, and determined to play around in the yard as much as I can in between all of these doctor's appointments/surgeries! (Tomorrow I go for my Zometa infusion...next week I meet with the breast surgeon and the gyn. oncologist for follow-ups, and if everything goes right, I should have my next surgery November 7th to put a chest expander on the right side. I'm not excited about the flurry of appointments and surgeries again, but it is good to progress.)

I uploaded some new pictures of our fun on Flickr...You can see them if you click on Fall Family Fun, under Favorite Family Links (how is that for alliteration?).

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