Loving...and not loving

We LOVE our puppy! All of us are crazy about her, except Dagny (but I did catch her sleeping by Hope's kennel so though she acts ambivalent I don't think it will last long). I'm spoiling D, though, and giving the cats their TLC too. And ALL of them (including Phineas the rabbit) are showing Hope who is boss - all of them! It was hysterical to watch my arthritic rabbit give Hope the business!

In other news, Sybil could not start chemo today. The appointment was scheduled for the afternoon but the infusion will last so long it needs to be a morning appt...as she will get hydration before and after the chemo drug infusion. So we are going to have another go at it on Wednesday. And just to be proactive, we scheduled the next 5 treatments for Sybil for first thing (for the Dr.), every third Wednesday at 9:30am.

Sybil is amazing, didn't seem to be as pissed off as I was that she had to sit and wait for about 1.5 hours, get her port accessed and blood drawn, and NOT get her chemo today as I would have been. I would have probably gone crazy, but she was a cool customer.

So more updates will follow....I need to go to bed to be ready for early morning puppy potty appointments!

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