The return of hair...is so funny

Here are my thoughts:
  • Why does hair come back in areas you might not want it, first?
  • You can barely see anything on my head...but my eyebrows are coming in (too thick and darker), and my eyelashes must be coming in because the hangers-on seem to be falling out...so I look more like a man like ever!
  • My head is so fuzzy. I love to touch it, but it still doesn't look like anything and it is still not enough hair to prevent me from all of the scratches I seem to get on my head. I had no idea that my hair was protecting my scalp as it was, but since I've been bald I constantly have scratches and bumps all over my head (from the yard, from wrestling with kids, from running around the house and bumping into things, etc.). Thank your hair for all the work it does for you! (Or maybe I should just be more careful...)
  • My hair is now coming in darker...not a surprise as the only way it stayed blonde for all these years was due to all the hours in the sun...and it's fall now with its days of less sun. So maybe as I try new hairstyles as this hair grows in, I'll also have a whole new color too!
and last...

Even though I don't feel that my newest almost-hairless look is cute, it seems like nothing can make me put on my fairly expensive wig. I've come to the place in my life where I feel like my bald head is my trophy. Hey, I've come a long way, and I might not be pretty, but guess what? I'm proud of my hairless existence. I've taken some hard steps to get hairless! My bald head and my difference reminds me of the strength I have found in myself and I like carrying that reminder of my strength with me.

At this point, wearing a wig puts me back to the girl I was before cancer, and I don't need to be her right now. I feel new and improved. Yes, I'll be glad to have some hair back, but I'm totally ok with the long process of growing it back, whatever I look like in the meantime.

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