We've been having a teeny bit of potty-training success in the Lucken household. How, you ask? With bribery! I don't know why I didn't try it earlier...it's the only thing that works for any of us. Anyway, Nathan has been coveting little Thomas the Train collectibles since his birthday, and I promised him one if he went potty. So he went that minute...not even a delay.

Today after doing more good work in this department, I was praising him for his efforts. It must have sunk in, because about 5 minutes later, out of the blue, he said, "Thanks a you bein' proud a me."

My Cubby Bear is growing up!

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therese said...

Those trains are a big motivator! We actually hung up a brand new engine (Gordon, I believe) in the bathroom so he would see it and want it!