OK, so I'm not so energetic

Something about spending a good part of my day arranging surgeries/driving to and from dr.'s appointments, etc. just saps the energy right out of me. Yesterday I did labs and an EKG and a chest x-ray, with the requisite waiting for each stop. Today I met with my plastic surgeon to discuss my next reconstructive surgery (assuming everything goes well on Monday with my lap bso...I just like saying lap bso, I think it is funny), and set it up*. Then there was the pre-surgical phone call from anesthesiology, the shopping for the great bowel cleanse of 2008, etc. Even if one loves her doctor and nurses (and I do), all the arrangements and discussions are draining.

BUT, there are lots of good things to do when your energy has been sapped by the fact that you have to do the great bowel cleanse of 2008 (and you don't want to do it, plus I am horrified that I will have to go a whole day without real food...not to mention chocolate! I might chew off my arm with anxiety at not being able to eat chocolate). Here are the good things I did tonight: watched The Amazing Race with the husband and kids, read books with kids, played with Emma's hair (my latest craving is to do Emma's hair, because I miss my old ponytail...she doesn't mind, and in turn, she was rubbing my soft fuzzy head), and made brownies.

It ended up being such a cozy night, just what I needed. Yes, it's a boring post, but I did feel that I should record my laziness and chocolate-eating, just to keep the record straight. It's not all feats of amazing wonder around here; in fact, mostly nothing I do is amazing (except for the enormous amount of chocolate that I consume).

*If the lap bso goes well, my next surgery after that is November 7th, when I'll try again to have a tissue expander put in where my right cancerous breast once was. So a month from now, I may have two surgeries done...and only a few more to go, ha ha. (kind of ha ha, kind of sick of it all...but I know I'm supposed to be happy to be alive and moving on, and I am.)

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