Why do I have less hot flashes after having my ovaries removed than I had when I still had them in?
Why am I sleeping better at night?

Those are two things I did not expect to happen after I was plunged into complete menopause...though I was definitely there already, I thought it might be worse after the surgery.

Other questions:
Why can I not stop eating chocolate, and why is my mood just a teeny bit wackier?
(Those are things I guess I would have expected...but why some symptoms and not the others?) It's all right, though...I've got so much experience at dealing with wacky moods and eating lots of chocolate.

Anyway, don't tell Dr. Field, but yesterday I managed my mood by going running. I think the lack of activity was driving me wild. A person can only read on the internet so long before she loses it and wants to move her body furiously! While running I pondered this thought - why does running feel so much better at 35, after abdominal surgery and a summer of chemo, than it did when I was maybe 20 years old, a consistent runner, and had nothing better to do the summer I lived in France? It's all in the outlook, people. It's the outlook, and also this: it is fun to break rules. I didn't bleed to death last night and was comfortable the whole run, so I'm not worried that I pushed it too hard. Today I'm taking it easier, which seems wise, (I like to break rules but I'm not totally deranged) so Bill is managing my wacky mood by taking the kids out to dinner, giving me some quiet time at home (which I love).

On a side note, we are getting ready for chemo around here AGAIN...but not my own. On Monday I head back to Dr. M's, this time to be a cheerful soul while my mother-in-law starts her own chemo regimen. I'm putting all of my experience to use way too soon...setting up the acupuncture and healing touch appointments, getting out the heating pads, making up a cozy bed, making up a grocery list filled with fluids, yogurt, and laxative-like foods. We could use all your best wishes, starting Monday at 2:45pm! I'm really nervous for her (maybe that is another reason for the chocolate ingestion and crazy energy?)....

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