Mrs. Lucken is sick of hats.

AND...I have enough hair. Not enough for regular people, but enough for a girl who never liked to have a thing on her head before this spring/summer. I've been driving around without hats on, sporting my own G.I. Jane look (but only the head, not the body!) It horrified Emma when I picked her up from school that way today, but I'm sick of hats.

And this is horribly snotty of me, (but why not let it all out, I'm cranky) but people care too much about their hair/appearance, when really that is such a stupid thing to worry about. Are you a nice person, are you spreading sunshine (not me, tonight, I'm cranky), are you doing your part to make the world a better place (even if it is just a small part)? That's what I want to worry about. Hair is just hair.

Of course, this is just me, writing in the quiet and comfort of my own little sanctuary. It's not so very bold to drive around in your minivan looking like G.I. Jane or Sinead O'Connor; it would be more bold to get out of the car and walk around that way. I think I am almost there, though...so if you see me walking around with my bald head, you will know why. I'm sick of hats, and sick of caring about my hair or lack of it.

There's just one problem. It's cold outside! I think I need a hat...

UPDATE: I just asked Bill and Emma if it was too early for me to start going around with my head like this and Emma said "Mom, you're really taking advantage. You find one speck of hair on your head and you start going around bald!"

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Anonymous said...

trouble is...now it's getting cold and you'll need a hat to keep your head warm (or so says Dan) :-)