Check in for my ovaries to check out: 6am Monday morning!

My procedure is scheduled for 7:30am on Monday morning...but I check in at 6am. That's nice since the Great Bowel Cleanse of 2008 will probably have me pretty hungry and thirsty on Monday morning!

So here is my personal discussion with my soon-to-be-departed body parts - "Goodbye ovaries and tubes! Thanks for a great working relationship over these past 35 years. I could always count on you to work the second I felt like having a baby (or even when I wasn't quite planning on it, as in the first time around)! I'm thanking you in advance for not being cancerous yet...I hope I'm not going to have to retract this statement in a few days!"

On another note, I tried to make Bill promise me that if I'm healthy and happy in a few years and start missing my fertility, I could adopt a baby. This is a far cry from the Pam he dated who for about 6 straight years told him to "break up with me, I'm never having kids." Isn't life so funny! Anyway, he knows exactly how to play these cards...he says ok (or in this case, handily averted promising anything) and lets life take its course.

There are always options, though, if I do wish I could have another baby. I'm writing them down to read in the future if I feel that craving:
  1. Be glad I have the 3 that I do! Mother them even harder. (Ha, like that is possible. I'm the classic "helicopter mom.")
  2. Steal my nieces and nephews. By the time I am out of the cancer woods, there will be some more babies and maybe their moms will let me steal them! And if I can't steal them forever, maybe I can steal them for a weekend or so here and there while their parents take vacations.
  3. Convert my crazy house into an in-home daycare. I have the toys and the space...but the structure of that kind of life might kill me, so I am striking it from the list.
  4. Become a teacher. I may never get a job, though...at least not in Michigan and I don't think my husband and children would appreciate it if I move out-of-state without them (it would sort of ruin option number 1, also).
  5. Get more pets. HA HA HA! I put this in here to drive Bill crazy.


natalie_r_g said...

Plan a visit to come see your niece... so her parents can get some shut-eye! Ha ha!

Amy said...

I'll just bring your nephew there, so that HIS parents can get some shut- eye!!! Oh, at least his daddy will...

Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty sleep deprieved mommy that'll let you borrow her cutie for a night or 2! I'd love a date with my husband...its been over a year!

Good luck Monday!
Jen Gagan

jsa said...

OK, here's the thing--it's clear to me that we are twins that were separated at birth.

Well, maybe not. I'm 39, so maybe just...sisters, separated...a long time ago?

Anyhoo, I also have 3 small children. I also found my lump last February and was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. I'm also blogging my experience (on CarePages--type in Jenisphere if you'd like; read from the beginning if you're REALLY bored). I also love chocolates and cats. My brownie troop and soccer moms and neighbors have also carried me through this like nobody's business. And my sister is flying in for my 2nd surgery in a couple of weeks.

See? Kindred spirits.

Seriously, when my sweet neighbor gave me a copy of the Free Press story on you, I couldn't get over the similarities. I hope everything goes really, really well for you on Monday, and I'll continue to check on your progress. Good luck!
p.s. I also have a blog on blogger (jenisphere.blogspot.com) but I have ditched it now that I'm on CarePages. Blog overload.