More of Emma's opinions about her mom

I found this writing exercise in Emma's take-home school folder:

"I wish more people cared like my mom. My mom is more helpful than you think. She cares for my brother because she helps him eat and go to school and stay clean. She cares for my sister to go to the bus and eat and get dressed and go to school. She cares for my pets by cleaning thier cages and feeding them. She cares for my dad by doing work. My mom cares for me by helping do my homework and feed me and buy me things I need like clothes. My mom is so kind and cares for me so much. In my mom's free time she likes to garden and walk. She is doing the three day tomorrow! I wish people cared like my mom, then the world would be a much better place."

I have some thoughts about this:
  1. It pretty much describes my day exactly the way I did about a week ago!
  2. "My mom is more helpful than you think." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So funny, I didn't know people thought I was not helpful (esp. Emma)!
  3. See how proud your girls will be if you walk the 3 day?

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