I'm sure any readers here are tired of hearing me be so melodramatic about things, and then being all fine and happy about 1 minute later. I'm personally tired of me being that way, too! (And I've been doing this my whole life...imagine Bill's precarious situation!)

So the latest is that I feel totally adjusted to my crazy short hair, whereas I was not so happy about 24 hours ago. How can a woman live her life with such dramatic transitions? I don't know! I think I am starting to see myself in a way that people have been maybe been seeing me for a long time - as an essentially positive person. Whenever anyone tells me "You are so positive! You are always smiling!" I think to myself, "That is SO not me! I'm totally negative and always frowning!" Well, I might be a bit of a contrarian, but this whole ordeal has really shown me how much I just move forward, how much I don't dwell, how much I really just want things to be good, happy, and fun.

And here's a little unrelated cute story about Nathan (the old playgroup friends might appreciate this!)...he's talking so much these days, and I'm so in love with it....yes I've mentioned that before. But today I was playing my iTunes library, and "Who Let the Dogs Out" came on, sending me back all the way to when Emma was much littler and our playgroup friends Mariah and Mikayla had a crazy stuffed animal dog that played that song...many, many times during playgroup! Anyway, the song came on, and I didn't know Nathan was even listening to it until he came up to me and said "So funny, Mom!" (Except the way he says it, it sounds like "Dough Bunny, Mom!") Apparently the song has universal appeal for 2 year olds - and this one told me why, today! I'm so proud of my little talker.

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