I don't have anything inspiring or different to post tonight...I've mostly been so happy to be feeling good! I'm not having any more nightmares about chemo when I'm sleeping, I'm able to do what I want during the day...it's AMAZING! (The only things I'm noticing is my hair is gross, I do get that metallic taste in my mouth but it doesn't bother me, I get tired in the evening, and my mouth did have the mouth-sore side effect but gargling with baking soda and water helps quite a bit. I'm noticing a little difference in what I want to eat but not much. Just noting these things for general interest...)

I'm such a happy and active participant in my daily life, it is crazy. I cried when I got to pick up Emma from school the other day! I was so happy to be normal! (A lovely person who is also going through breast cancer and chemo summed it up in an email to me earlier today - it is just so hard to feel like you can' t even take care of your own family.) I'm totally in love with every minute of Nathan, and it is hard not to be in love, because he is finally talking all of the time and even singing in the car along to his Thomas the Train DVD! And I'm terribly indulgent of Katie wearing high heeled shoes and pink robes (and whatever she wants) as she plays outside - like she is an old-fashioned movie star waiting off-set to be filmed.

Speaking of movie stars of old, I have been thinking of them and the scarves they'd wear on their heads, the way they had their hair covered, etc. I've got a few scarves and caps to copy them, now! I also saw a picture of a retro swim cap that looks like you have a host of blue flowers on your head. Maybe being bald will be a very glamorous look, if I accessorize well. Glamorous will be a new look for me, too, but thanks to my Aunt Donna's wonderful friend Sally (and my Uncle Kevin who drove the gift over today) I have a great pink baseball hat which I love, too.

So there is nothing exciting to report, except that I love my family, I love my life in this crazy nature preserve I have here (I defy anyone to look at everything I planted last year which is now coming up, and see all these crazy animals and tell me I didn't really go to town in creating a nature preserve), and even if I am losing my hair in days I am still going to try to be so in love with everything as I am right now.

(About the only thing that would make me happier would be if I could have a giant farm like this one which I read about in Hour Magazine: http://www.sashafarm.org ... but my suburban nature preserve will do for now. We live much closer to the necessities of life here - Costco, Westborn Market, Trader Joe's and Target - very important. I do hope all the people at Westborn will be just as nice to me next week when I am bald...)

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Kendra said...

It's so good to hear that your are feeling yourself! I know how you feel...Im just getting to feel better myself after 3 days of chemo! This past cycle wiped me out! But it's the weekend and I feel so much better! Sure does make a difference huh! Praying for you!