I think it is so funny, that after going through some of these things over the past 2 months, I am getting more and more comfortable with myself and how I will look. I'm pretty seriously considering NOT having nipple reconstruction, though everyone cautions me to not decide yet, I might want it, etc. It just seems like a waste to have another surgery, get skin cut out of other places to make them, and have more recovery. Also, I actually like my scars when I look at them in the mirror. I see them and am proud of the fact that I found my breast cancer, and did everything I could to make it go away.

I feel a little like that with the hair, though we'll see how things go when everything comes out. I'm glad I bought the wig, because I know I'll be glad to be closer to fitting in on some occasions. BUT, looking at myself in the wig I feel like I could look good, but that's not really me. I would never have hair that thick and fancy! I see myself with the bandanas and hats and recognize myself more, somehow.

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