Notes to self: side effects and things I'll try next time

  1. Nausea (have drugs)...also, ginger ale, ginger tea, Healing Touch, maybe acupuncture? Walking helped once it was more under control and not as omnipresent.
  2. Chest/mastectomy pain (felt like swelling) ??? What was that? Should I use Motrin (plastic surgeon recommends) or Tylenol (oncologist/nurse recommends for bone pain)?
  3. Bone pain (have Tylenol)...walking either helped or made me forget the pain
  4. Depression...should I start anti-depressants and what kind?
  5. Throbbing Headache (see Tylenol/Motrin discussion, and keep noise down on bad days)
  6. Insomnia...?
  7. Hot flashes - can deal
  8. Constipation (got laxative)
  9. Indigestion - eat smaller amounts more frequently

Other things to remember - drink even more fluids, eat yogurt (don't know why, it's just a tip).

Also, I should have activities planned for the family so that the kids aren't around as much when I am feeling badly (something fun). It really bothers Emma to see me in any sort of discomfort, but if she is busy she doesn't notice as much. It was great to have Julie, Tyler and Natalie for a diversion...

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